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As A Believer in Allaah, The Only God,

and as one who loves all Muslims, I come to share ideas for you to think about and seek God’s Wisdom for the future of Islaam and Muslims all over the world.

According to Hadeeth:

“A Believer is one whom others can trust with their women and wealth, and a Muslim is one whom others are safe from his hand and tongue.”

Who Is Allah?

“Rahhmaan wa Raheem”


Gracious and Merciful

“Malek Yawm-ad-Deen”


The Judge at the End Times

Even though the Qur’aan unmistakably insists on Easa’s birth of the virgin Maryam, and calls Easa – like no other person, “Kalimatuhu” (God’s Word), “Min Rouhhehe (Of God’s Spirit) – Yet the Muslim religious leaders throughout the ages insist that Easa was a prophet like Muhhammad.

Consider what Easa taught through The Bible about God’s plan for salvation from sin;

Then decide what you have been teaching about The Bible being manipulated, and falling for the Jewish Lies about Easa and why HE came to earth.

I can assure you that every genuine Christian is a more perfect Muslim than any Muslim that falls for the Jewish Lie that Easa/ Al-Masseehh was not the Redeemer of Mankind.

When Muslims choose to use their own earthly power to force others against God’s gift of the freedom to choose to every human (His image in humans); then those Muslims are violating God’s character and are acting against God’s will and purpose for humans to freely choose to believe in Him.

Therefore, study, pray, and confess to Him/Allaah; and consider His plan of salvation according to His Word. God has preserved it for 2,000 years so far; and its historical evidence surpasses that of the Qur’aan immensely.

There is only One God, the God of Abraham; the Creator and sustainer of ALL creation, and the Source of Life.

May God guide you and open your hearts and minds to become True Muslims that seek to honor God, and not the Jewish Lies.

Who Is A Muslim?

Muslim in Arabic Means “One Who Surrendered to God”, which indicates total submission.

According to the Hadeeth: “A Mu’men (Believer in God) is one whom others can trust him with their women and wealth; and a Muslim is one whom others feel safe from his or her hand and tongue.”

According to Al-Faatihhah: “God is Gracious and Merciful…” and others worship him and “…Seek His help and guidance to follow the straight way, the way of those whom HE has blessed.”

Therefore, it is clear that a genuine Muslim is One Who Reflects God’s Character in their own life and dealing with others.

In light of the above, every Believer in the God of Abraham (ibraaheem) who genuinely lives trusting in God and trying to reflect His character being gracious and merciful is a True Muslim. God does not look at labels of Jew or Christian, He Knows the heart of every human being that hever lived on this Earth.

Moreover, there is only one enemy that desires to decieve every human (Believers and Non-Believers alike) and that is Satan; he will find every possible way to trick and entrap people so as to separate them from God’s fellowship, and take them with himself to Hell (The Eternal Separation from God).

Islaam’s Greatest Challenge

Therefore, the greatest challenge facing every Believer and Muslim is

IGNORANCE – Not knowing who God is and what HE expects

Thus living with little knowledge of the power of God that will help him or her overcome Satan and his tricks and lies that will keep The Believer from living for God.

At the center of the above is the lack of understanding what Jihaad is really all about. it is the Spiritual Struggle that every Believer in God will have to live in order to please God and defeat Satan and his tricks and lies that will keep the Believer from living for God.


Because, God created every human being with the free will to choose to believe in Him, and to seek to have fellowship with Him, No genuine Muslim can justify even trying to force people to do what they want them to do, when God is Against that from the beginning of His Creation.

Moreover, ignorance leads to following other people’s ideas and words which may be half truth. For example: Most Muslims think that Jesus/Easa, or The Christ/Al Maseehh, is only a prophet; even when the Qur’aan itself calls him KALIMATUHU, or God’s Word and MIN-ROUHHEHE, of God’s Spirit, like no other humans or prophets named.
So, why would the Qur’aan teach this, and many Muslims ignore such a fact? Primarily because The Teachers erroneously taught them to think of him as a prophet.

The Truth

The most fundamental truth in human existence is that there is GOOD and EVIL that every human ever lived, and will live on this Earth experience every day of our years no matter how short or long. Thus the most fundamental question that every human struggles with – during the mature portion of our life. What is it?

What is the SOURCE OF LIFE? Is it accidental, or is there a CREATOR?

It is up to each person to decide

If you conclude that it is accidental; Then you are your own god.

If you decide to believe in a creator; Then you must have FAITH.

Faith is simply a belief that – what humans call GOD, is the Creator and Sustainer of ALL life. That the human creature was entrusted by This CREATING FORCE to care for The Creation.

HE/IT is also the source of all abilities and understanding of the needed details to accomplish that goal.

This is Simple Truth.

In light of the fact that:

– There is Good and Evil
– Every human is free to choose what to believe in

Then EVERY human must make the best and most intelligent choice.

Is There a Creator, or Am I My Own god?

Evil came to existence when the first humans chose to believe the most ancient lie; You can be like God, knowing good and evil.

They saw they were naked, and concluded that was unacceptable and evil.

Here to touch the live of the new generations of Muslims is this website, Throughout the World to help communicate what the Qur’aan and Hadeeth really teach about Easa/Jesus; so they begin to read the bible to decide for themselves, and not based upon what their religious leaders taught them.

“The Believer is one that People can trust with their women and wealth; and The Muslim is one that people can feel safe from his hand and tongue.”

– The Hadeeth